Chief Economist

Policy Department

This team member will be responsible for compiling and presenting timely, accessible analysis of economic data, trends, and policies for AFPI's target audiences (policymakers, stakeholders, the public, etc.). Such analysis includes, but is not limited to, blogs, issue briefs, presentations, and contributions to longer form research products. In addition, the Chief Economist will provide research support for each of AFPI's 22 policy centers, assisting them with gathering data, quantitative analysis, and synthesis of relevant academic literature in support of their research and policy analysis. The Chief Economist will also support policy development in close coordination with policy staff and the research director. Ability to collaborate effectively, problem solve creatively and accurately, and communicate clearly through both the written word and appealing visual artifacts is critical. This team member should have a strong economic policy background, extensive experience analyzing and presenting various forms of economic data and have a strong commitment to advancing the America First agenda.

Salaries for positions will be commensurate with the experience, expertise, and skills of the individual. Please send cover letter, resume, salary requirement, writing samples, and references.
AFPI is a non-profit, non-partisan research institute offering competitive salaries and benefits to qualified candidates. 

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