Creative Director

Marketing Department

This team member will have a proven experience managing teams producing high quality creative designs through videos and static creative that tell a story translating dense policy into interesting creative under high scrutiny. The qualified applicant should possess a deep respect of American liberty and freedom and an eagerness to be a champion for the American people. This candidate will report to the Chief Marketing Officer and work on the Digital Marketing team to serve all departments in managing and advancing brand integrity and awareness for the Institute. The individual will be a self-starter drafting high quality original content and managing extensive reviews that ensure high quality messaging while enforcing consistent branding across creative production. This team member will oversee AFPI’s creative production request process while managing external contractors for products more efficiently or better completed externally. The duties include analyzing engagement data to continually identify high-performing creative, working alongside a variety of policy teams to ensure a steady stream of creative accompanies all policy products, working on short turns to produce high quality video production and graphic design while managing a growing suite of brand guidelines, and managing production for events. Candidates should have proven high quality graphic design experience under high scrutiny and relevant job experience that demonstrates a level of competence in the areas necessary to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of the position. Appropriate technical education and training are welcomed, but experience and demonstrated success will be prioritized. High level of expertise with video editing, Adobe Creative Cloud, and excellent writing and editing skills. Policy experience is a plus.

Salaries for positions will be commensurate with the experience, expertise, and skills of the individual. Please send cover letter, resume, salary requirement, writing samples AND creative samples/reel, and references.
AFPI is a non-profit, non-partisan research institute offering competitive salaries and benefits to qualified candidates. 

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