Email Marketing Manager

Marketing Department

The American First Policy Institute (AFPI) is seeking an Email Marketing Manager with proven experience managing a comprehensive email marketing strategy and deploying messages under high scrutiny to millions of supporters nationwide. The qualified applicant should possess a deep respect for American liberty and freedom and an eagerness to be a champion for the American people.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
This candidate will report to the Chief Marketing Officer and work on the Digital Marketing team to serve all departments in leading digital email policy marketing and fundraising operations and executing quality email deployment. The individual will be responsible for continually growing AFPI’s brand awareness and stakeholder lists. This team member will also assist in managing paid digital advertising and coordinating performance analysis of the copy, and deploying best practices to maximize impact. The duties include managing and building an overall email marketing strategy, creating various email lists and campaigns, creating and designing various calls to action and email templates, testing every campaign’s success, determining email marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) developing and presenting weekly reports, developing a lead generation strategy, creating smart email lists, increasing email subscriptions, analyzing data to get smart insights, suggesting methods for improvements, segmenting lists based on behaviors like past email engagement and website interactions, developing documentation and road maps for processes, conducting A/B tests, and advancing promotions that succeed through email.


  • Proven experience managing and deploying email copy to millions of stakeholders across various issues. Relevant job experience that demonstrates a level of competence in the areas necessary to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of the position. Appropriate technical education and training are welcomed, but experience and demonstrated success will be prioritized. Understands and can execute efficient development and use of digital email marketing tools and social media platforms and has excellent writing and editing skills.
  • A self-starter. The individual must be willing and able to conceive and develop innovative ideas independently and often and bring them to fruition. An entrepreneurial mindset that seeks out new opportunities to grow and advance the mission of AFPI and its policy centers.
  • Principled. Demonstrated support of free-market principles that support American citizens and American liberties and a willingness to combine these with personal integrity in making decisions.
  • A Servant Leader. Able to work collaboratively and have flexibility; meets the highest ethical standards; passionate about AFPI and mission and has demonstrated commitment to a servant leadership culture; the ability to maintain productive, collaborative, and collegial relationships with staff and external stakeholders and uphold the public reputation of the Institute.

The position’s salary will be commensurate with the experience, expertise, and skills of the candidate who accepts the position. Please apply with a cover letter, resume, salary requirement, creative content examples, and references here.

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