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Center for American Prosperity

Center Vision

The strength of a nation rests first in the hearts of its people—but a free and flourishing economy is a necessity for any nation to build and prosper. The America First Policy Institute conducts research and develops policies to promote economic strength. Sound economic policies from 2017 to 2020 delivered extraordinary prosperity including unprecedented growth and the lowest-ever unemployment levels for American communities who needed it the most. Economic strength is not something we pursue for the sake of big finance and big business: it matters only to the extent Americans experience it in their communities and in their homes. We measure our economy not by its promotion of big returns, but by its creation of big dreams.

The economic success of the nation is driven by the individual will and genius of free men and women aspiring to achieve their dreams and further prosperity for themselves and their families. Our nation declared its independence in part because of a system of commerce that did not put the prosperity of Americans first and hindered, rather than embraced, the individual aspirations of Americans. In establishing a new Nation, our Founding Fathers sought to unleash the power of entrepreneurship and free enterprise so that Americans “who are possessed of the spirit of Commerce—who see and who will pursue their advantages, may achieve almost anything”.

The America First Policy Institute’s Center for American Prosperity is dedicated to advancing public policy that puts the prosperity of American citizens first, to restoring and preserving the American free enterprise system, to defending American workers and their families, to promoting growth that lifts up forgotten communities, and to celebrating the innovative spirit of the American people. It is through this spirit—when Americans are free to pursue and achieve their dreams—that American prosperity reached unprecedented heights and will continue to achieve more than ever thought possible. The Center for American Prosperity will endeavor to research and educate the American public on policy grounded in the fundamental ideal that free Americans prosper.

Policy Priorities

  • Tax Relief for America’s Middle Class
  • Incentivize Job Creation for American Workers
  • Promote Wage Growth
  • Incentivize Onshoring
  • Ensure Access to Capital


The Honorable Larry Kudlow

Vice Chair of the Board and Chairman, Center for American Prosperity

Cale Clingenpeel

Chief Economist

Beatrice Brooke

Policy Analyst, Center for American Prosperity and Center for Energy Independence