AFPI’s Center for Election Integrity Director Hogan Gidley issued the following statement on the U.S. Senate voting to stop the Freedom to Cheat Act

January 19, 2022

Today, America won. Senate Democrats tried to pass the Freedom to Cheat Act, but thankfully, a majority of members stood with the American people and stopped its consideration.

Despite the procedural measure failing, the Biden-Harris Administration and other radical Leftists still want to make it easier to cheat and force the federal government to run your state elections. Polling shows a vast majority of Americans reject this policy because they realize it would open the door for massive fraud, abuse, and cheating. After all, this is the same federal government that botched the Afghanistan withdrawal and left Americans stranded, allows more than 60 billion dollars’ worth of Medicare fraud a year, and could not stop hackers from stealing more than 100 billion dollars from COVID-19 relief funds. 

Does anyone really believe the same federal government with that track record should or could run your local elections?

The Leftist-supported Freedom to Cheat Act would eliminate voter ID, which 85 percent of Americans support. It would prevent states from cleaning their voter rolls, which 88 percent of the American people support. The bill would also allow ballots to be accepted well after Election Day, which 82 percent of Americans oppose. Put simply, this bill is bad policy, and the American people don’t want it.

An overwhelming majority of the citizens in this country believe our laws should make it easy to vote but hard to cheat. One illegal vote is one too many, and measures that protect voters should be implemented at the local level to ensure one registered person casts one vote, and it is counted one time. 

The Freedom to Cheat Act has failed, which is a victory for us all.