America First Policy Institute Launches Opportunity Now Tour

March 02, 2022

ATLANTA, GA - Today, the America First Policy Institute (AFPI), alongside Civil Rights Leader Dr. Alveda King and NFL Great Jack Brewer, launched its two-day tour in Atlanta, Georgia, championing the ideas of AFPI’s Center for Opportunity Now. This initiative harnesses the power of revitalization by expanding opportunity in economics, education, criminal justice, healthcare, homeownership, and fatherhood. 

Over the two days, they will view opportunity zone infrastructure, meet with dozens of local faith and community leaders, and visit Riverbend Correctional Facility. 

“The story of America is the story of opportunity,” said Jack Brewer, Chair of Center for Opportunity Now. “We have to be proactive in reversing decades of abuse and neglect that have only further mired many of America’s forgotten communities in the vicious cycle of poverty. Opportunity Now strives to think outside the box and to put effective policy into action.”

“By championing these pillars of opportunity through smart policy initiatives, America’s forgotten communities can be set on the path to self-sufficiency and independence,” said Dr. Alveda King, Chair of the Center for the American Dream. “It’s time to restore greatness to America’s forgotten, underserved communities. We do this by fighting for America First policies that champion opportunity for everyone.”  

You can check out Opportunity Now’s latest video on their initiatives here.