Let Freedom Ring!

July 20, 2021

By Pastor Paula White

Last week, hundreds of lawmakers and faith leaders joined together at the International Religious Freedom Summit to passionately advocate for religious liberty around the world — bringing attention to the plight of religious adherents who are persecuted everyday worldwide. As we are reminded of the precious freedom afforded to us by our Creator and secured by our Founding Fathers, we must also hear the cry of the persecuted Christians in Zhejiang, the enslaved Muslims in Xinjiang, the shrieks of pain from slave camps in North Korea, or the chants of those rising up in the streets of Cuba. The cry of every soul, in every generation, and on every continent, is both innate and humane — the cry to be free.

Today, our God-given rights are under threat from a dizzying array of entities. Progressive politicians, news outlets, and universities collude to curb First- Amendment freedoms. Even the ‘right to life’ is under constant threat from a niche of pro-abortion fanatics who control the policy making decisions of the Democrat party. If ever there was a time to stand up for freedom — across the entire public and political spectrum — it’s now.

Fortunately, amidst this shrill and persistent attack from the extreme left, there is good news. The Constitution is on our side. Our founding documents provide protections that should be universally valued but are under threat by those with differing worldviews. While activist judges do exit, the Trump Administration diligently spent four years setting up a conservative firewall of over 220 federal court judges with lifetime appointments. Even more critical, 54 of those federal judges appointed were federal appellate judges, and three were Supreme Court justices. It is vital for the future of our Nation, that Administrations, regardless of party, appoint judges fully respect these foundational principles.

Our cause is righteous as is our battle cry: Let freedom ring!! Let it ring out from shore to shore and everywhere the darkness of communism, and socialism preside. May this cry shake the very foundation of oppression and may our collective voice reach the ears of our God on high and make the hope of freedom a reality.

Pastor Paula White serves as Chairman, Center for American Values for the America First Policy Institute (AFPI).