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Case Update: President Donald J. Trump's Lawsuit Against Big Tech

September 16, 2021

Last week, Twitter Inc. and Jack Dorsey filed a Motion to transfer venue to the Northern District of California in the case pending in the Southern District of Florida, Judge Robert N. Scola presiding.   

This move aligns with Big Tech’s predictable response strategy that President Trump’s legal team has been prepared for. Their response will make a unique set of legal arguments as to why this case should remain in the Southern District of Florida, and the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) believes they will be successful in this effort. It’s time to deny Twitter the unfair advantage of Silicon Valley judges who have time and time again protected the Section 230 immunity granted to these social media behemoths.

In support of the Florida Attorney General, AFPI also filed its first amicus brief, weighing in on the constitutionality of Florida’s Social Media law. Netchoice, LLC v. State of Florida was declared unconstitutional at the District Court level, and the case is now pending before the 11th Circuit for a review of the lower court’s decision.

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