Director of Center for Election Integrity, Hogan Gidley, Congratulates Governor DeSantis on Florida’s Election Integrity Actions to Stop Voter Fraud

August 19, 2022

By Hogan Gidley

The Center for Election Integrity applauds Governor Ron DeSantis for taking immediate action to stop voter fraud in Florida. The Governor recently created the Office of Election Crimes and Security, and it has now arrested and charged people with casting fraudulent votes. Under Florida Law, state residents are disqualified from voting based on convictions of murder or sexual assault, which is what those arrested have been previously convicted of committing. One fraudulent or miscounted vote is one too many and cancels out the voice of a legitimate voter. Governor DeSantis and the state of Florida have done the right thing to uphold the integrity of the ballot and ultimately help restore the faith, trust, and confidence in our election systems. Florida continues to lead the way in making it Easy to Vote and Hard to Cheat!