The Pro-Life Movement Is the Real Pro-Woman Movement

March 29, 2022

By Brooke Rollins, Paula White-Cain, & Alveda King

By Brooke Rollins, Paula White-Cain, & Alveda King

When the Texas Heartbeat Act took effect in September of last year, pro-abortion activists predictably reacted with cries of hysteria. Critics falsely painted the bill as an “anti-choice” enormity, intentionally and maliciously designed by lawmakers to deprive innocent women of their right to healthcare. The abortion industry went so far as to describe this life-saving bill as a “diabolical scheme” designed with “an extra dose of cruelty.”

But these charges ring hollow because they are not grounded in truth. “The truth will set you free,” says the Lord, and the truth is that the Texas bill was passed to protect unborn babies from abortion once an ultrasound detects their heartbeat.

In light of Women’s History Month this March, we should celebrate the people and organizations who serve the true needs of women: the pro-life community and pregnancy resource centers.

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