Re-establishing our Energy Independence

March 10, 2022

The Jumpstart America Needs, the Economic Boost Americans Deserve

WASHINGTON, D.C. - America First Policy Institute (AFPI) released the following statement after reports that inflation increased 7.9% in the past twelve months, hitting the fastest rate of inflation since 1982. The report also contained the highest prices ever recorded for everyday items such as chicken (+13.2%), lunchmeat (+11%), baby food (+8.4%), and pet supplies (+7.5%). This provides yet another example of the Biden Administration’s continued efforts to advance economic policies that are depleting the American people’s wallets and sabotaging our Nation’s wealth and security. 

“The current state of our economy isn’t sustainable, and frankly, it’s inexcusable,” said Rick Perry, chair for AFPI’s Center for Energy Independence, former Governor of Texas, and 14th Secretary of Energy. “We’re living in a reality where Washington bureaucrats and left-wing leaders are far removed from the consequences of their America Last economic policies. Instead, the American people are taking the brunt of record-breaking gas prices, crippling inflation, and skyrocketing prices of everyday goods. Bottom line: we must return to policies that create economic opportunity for Americans, not uncertainty. American energy production and innovation drive economic prosperity and are vital in nearly every aspect of daily life – it is time to embrace this potential. Re-establishing our energy independence is the jumpstart America needs, and the economic boost Americans deserve.”

When it comes to energy independence, AFPI believes in these core principles:

  • A secure and resilient U.S. energy sector
  • A predictable and efficient permitting process
  • A level playing field for all sources of energy to compete
  • Increased energy production and energy dominance
  • Realistic, fact-based, and economically viable solutions for complex environmental problems
  • Energy policies that help America’s most vulnerable and end energy poverty—ensuring that every American has access to affordable, reliable energy
  • Energy policies that look to American energy solutions rather than energy solutions from China, the Middle East, or Venezuela

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