Statement: Indiana Mall Shooting

July 18, 2022

Washington, D.C. - Today, the America First Policy Institute issued the following statement from Matt Whitaker, Co-Chair of the Center for Law and Justice at the America First Policy Institute, and former Acting Attorney General of the United States, and Pam Bondi, Co-Chair of the Center for Law and Justice, and Former Attorney General of the State of Florida:

“Though it has gone largely unreported, a mass shooter at an Indiana mall was stopped last night by an armed private citizen in lawful possession of a firearm. If not for the heroism and quick action of the Good Samaritan, the unfolding mass shooting would have surely resulted in the deaths of many more innocent people.

The timeline for this incident is important. The shooter began opening fire in the Greenwood Park Mall food court in Greenwood, Indiana at around 6 pm. In the ensuing moments, the shooter killed three and injured two others. Almost immediately—before police could arrive on scene to locate and engage the suspect—the assailant was confronted and neutralized by the armed citizen.

The Chief of Police of the Greenwood Police Department rightfully hailed the 22-year-old Good Samaritan as a ‘hero.’

Incidents like these are not uncommon but they are deliberately ignored by the mainstream media. In situations such as these, seconds matter. It is imperative that American citizens can protect themselves, their loved ones, and others. Our Constitution recognizes and ensures those fundamental rights with the Second Amendment.

We offer our thoughts and prayers to the families of those whose lives were taken, and we applaud that young man for taking heroic action to prevent an even worse tragedy from unfolding.”