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The twin American victories in the Second World War and the Cold War established our country as “the last, best hope for man on Earth.” Freedom’s cause in every part of the globe depends upon a strong America. With our country secure, we can, with greater confidence, advance American security abroad. American security is exemplified by a strong military, fair trade deals, alliances that are equitable, aggressors who are isolated, and those who harm us, destroyed. The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) examines American security abroad as a prerequisite for peace at home: always putting American interests first. This includes removing ourselves from endless, unnecessary wars in order to rebuild the homeland, while also understanding our indispensable role in maintaining a world at peace.

The America First Policy Institute’s Center for American Security champions Americans rather than a theoretical “America” imagined by the Washington national security establishment. The exercise of American power requires clear justification, and an America First approach ensures that American power is used in the interest of Americans. To advance that goal, the Center looks to ensure that there will be rigorous advancement of policies which will serve as an authentically American alternative to Washington’s increasingly obsolescent foreign and defense policy orthodoxy.

The phrase America First refers to an approach rooted in an awareness of America’s unique role in the world, and its unmatched ability to do best for others when its people are strong, safe, and prosperous. It means that any commitments of American lives or dollars abroad must come with concrete benefits to the American people. Every investment of American resources needs to reap a substantial security benefit.


  • Maintain the America First Tradition in the National Security Profession
  • Bolster America’s Economic Might
  • Expand America’s Unrivaled Military Strength
  • End Endless Wars and Make Foreign Commitments Strategic
  • Secure our Nation’s Borders
  • Eliminate Global Terrorists Who Threaten to Harm Americans

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Lt. General (Ret.) Keith Kellogg

Lt. General (Ret.) Keith Kellogg Co-Chair, Center for American Security

General Keith Kellogg was born in Dayton, Ohio, grew up in California, and 23 global and stateside military moves later, settled in Virginia, where he serves as co-Chair of the Center for American Security at AFPI. Kellogg is a highly decorated, retired three-star Army General and has extensive experience in the military and international business. Most recently, he was the National Security Advisor to former Vice President Mike Pence. He also served as the Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary of the National Security Council. Kellogg has wide-ranging experience in Europe, the Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. He has served as an author and contributor on Fox News and CNN. Kellogg graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Political Science and went on to receive his master’s degree in International Studies from Kansas University. Kellogg and his wife, Paige, have three children, and love nothing more than having their four grandchildren stay with them and spoil them with anything they want. It drives their parents nuts.

“There is only one duty, only one safe course, and that is to try to be right and not to fear to do or say what you believe to be right.”

Winston Churchill

Gloria McDonald Policy Analyst, Center for American Security

Gloria McDonald is from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and serves as a Policy Analyst for the Center for American Security at AFPI. Gloria most recently interned with the State Department, serving two consecutive summers at the United States Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine in the Security Attaché division. In this role, she worked alongside American and Ukrainian security operators to develop intelligence and security policies on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Previously, Gloria interned with Congressman Dave Brat in Washington, D.C. McDonald is a graduate of Liberty University with a degree in International Relations specializing in Strategic Intelligence. She previously studied at Oxford Sixth Form College in the Advanced Studies Program with a concentration in International Affairs and Russian language. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Global Security at Johns Hopkins University. The youngest of five siblings, and an aunt to three, Gloria is most appreciative of her family.

““Acts of courage and acts of obedience shift history for nations.””

Pastor Russell Johnson

Jacob Olidort, Ph.D. Director, Center for American Security

Jacob Olidort is from Queens and Manhattan, New York, and serves as AFPI’s Director of the Center for American Security. Olidort recently served in the Office of the Vice President, where he contributed to the federal response to COVID-19. Previously, Olidort served as the senior foreign policy advisor to Senator Josh Hawley and Senator Orrin Hatch, as well as in positions at the Department of Defense, the State Department, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Olidort previously was a Soref Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and taught at George Washington University and American University. Olidort was a Fulbright Scholar in the United Arab Emirates, a non-resident fellow at the Modern War Institute at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and is a term member in the Council on Foreign Relations. Olidort received his Bachelor of Arts in History and Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, magna cum laude, from Brandeis University, his Master of Arts in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University, and his Master of Arts and doctorate in Near Eastern Studies from Princeton University. When Jacob is not writing, he enjoys visiting family in New York, browsing used book shops, and fishing on Long Island.

“I have a horror of living in Washington, and never intend to do it.”

General Ulysses S. Grant to his wife, Julia

Javon Price Policy Analyst, Center for Opportunity Now; Center for Second Chances; and Center for American Security

Javon Price is from Fairfax, Virginia, and serves as a Policy Analyst in the Center for Opportunity Now, the Center for Second Chances, and the Center for American Security for AFPI. Price most recently worked in the United States House of Representatives as a Staff Assistant for Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida, Previously, Price interned for the White House Domestic Policy Council and the Office of American Innovation. He also interned for the Republican Governors Association and the Republican Attorneys General Association. Additionally, Price is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, where he studied International Politics with a focus on Security. Price is a veteran of the United States Air Force, having served in the Reserves from 2017-2020. He left the Air Force as a Senior Airman (E-4). When Price is not focused on politics or his studies, he enjoys watching the Dallas Cowboys compete every Sunday. Outside of football season, he is a huge fan of the Georgetown Hoyas Basketball Team and the Washington Nationals.

“The future is for those who prepare for it today.”

Malcolm X

The Honorable John Ratcliffe Co-Chair, Center for American Security

John Ratcliffe grew up in Mount Prospect, Illinois, and serves as a co-Chair of the Center for American Security. Most recently, he served as the sixth Director of National Intelligence (DNI) under President Donald Trump. In that role, Ratcliffe served as the leader of the U.S. intelligence community and principal intelligence advisor to President Trump. As “America’s Top Spy,” Ratcliffe successfully deployed covert and clandestine intelligence assets to remove numerous designated terrorist leaders from the battlefield, led a shift in the U.S. intelligence community priorities to better position the U.S. for success in the great power competition with China, and designated space as a priority intelligence domain by adding the U.S. Space Force as the 18th member of the intelligence community. In recognition of his national security achievements, President Trump awarded Ratcliffe the National Security Medal, the nation’s highest honor for distinguished achievement in the field of intelligence and national security. Prior to his nomination and confirmation as DNI, Ratcliffe served in Congress for over five years as the U.S. Representative for the 4th Congressional District of Texas. As a Congressman, he was a leading policymaker on national security issues as a member of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees and as Cybersecurity Chairman on the Homeland Security Committee. The son of two schoolteachers and the youngest of six, John was born in Illinois but “got to Texas as fast as I could.” He and his family reside in Heath, Texas, where John previously served as mayor for eight years.

“A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”

President John Adams

Cliff Sims Senior Fellow, Center for American Security

Cliff Sims is from Birmingham, Alabama and serves as a Senior Fellow in AFPI's Center for American Security. He previously served as Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Strategy and Communications inside the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), which oversees the 18 agencies of the U.S. intelligence community. In this role, Sims was awarded the Director’s Exceptional Achievement Award in recognition of superior accomplishment and valuable service to the mission of ODNI. Sims was previously Special Assistant to the President and Director of White House Message Strategy under President Trump. In this role, he led the White House’s messaging operation, advising the President and senior officials on communications strategy. Sims spearheaded the Administration’s messaging for some of its most notable accomplishments, including the successful passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. He also led the messaging and speechwriting team for the 2020 Republican National Convention.  Sims graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Alabama with a degree in Political Science. Earlier in life, Cliff was a college basketball player and had songs featured on MTV and in major motion pictures.

“The dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”

T.E. Lawrence

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