AFPI 2022 Annual Policy Summit

AFPI Statement on WHO’s World Health Assembly Annual Convening

Gen. (Ret.) Keith Kellogg & Former Governor Bobby Jindal

Happy First Birthday AFPI!

Biden’s far-left approach to ‘health’

Bobby Jindal & Abigail Slagle

State Health Policy Issue Brief: Removing Restrictions to Short-Term, Limited-Duration Insurance in States

Expanding Obamacare subsidies will cause even more inflation

Bobby Jindal and Abigail Slagle

Biden Expands the Role of Government in Healthcare

Abigail Slagle

An Examination of the First Year of Biden’s Presidency

Op-Ed: Ending the COVID-19 emergency

Bobby Jindal & Heidi Overton

Op-Ed: Biden’s Vaccine Idolatry is Not Working

Bobby Jindal

Democrats Shouldn’t Build Back Bitter

Bobby Jindal

States can provide Obamacare relief without repeal

Bobby Jindal

The Trump Republicans’ Lessons for Democrats

Governor Bobby Jindal

Biden’s Vaccine Tyranny Threatens National Security, Public Safety

John Zadrozny

Op-Ed: Lawmakers’ Latest ‘Infrastructure’ Scheme Is a Takeover of American Health Care

Bobby Jindal and Tim Phillips in National Review

Op-Ed: The Danger of Expanding Medicare

Bobby Jindal in Wall Street Journal

Blog: House Oversight Republicans Demand Hearing on Border Security, COVID-19, and Title 42 Implementation

John A. Zadrozny

Op-Ed: As COVID-19 pandemic continues, Biden must maintain Title 42 at the southern border

John Zadrozny in The Washington Times

Op-Ed: Texas Provides a Model for Conservative Healthcare Reform

Bobby Jindal in Wall Street Journal

Cancel Culture, Contraception Mandates, and COVID Restrictions

Op-Ed: Republicans Can Lead on Healthcare Reform

Bobby Jindal in Wall Street Journal

Op-Ed: Washington Times: The truth of COVID-19 and demand for accountability

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Keith Kellogg and Heidi Overton, M.D

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