Social Issues and Values

FACT SHEET: Fatherhood and Crime

FACT SHEET: Fathers Matter – Pass It On

FACT SHEET: Another Blow to Women’s Sports: A Q&A on The Biden Administration’s Proposed Title IX Athletics Regulation

Jonathan Pidluzny and Alexandra Caro Campana

Biblical Foundations Project Introductory Sermon Series

ISSUE BRIEF: Securing Fathers’ Rights and Enforcing Their Responsibilities Could Help Prevent Abortion

Matias Perttula

ISSUE BRIEF - Risking Two lives—The Dangerous Rise of Chemical abortion

Matias Perttula and Heidi Overton, M.D., Ph.D

Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the Omnibus

The U.S. is Funding China’s Genocide

Mark Zelden & Kristen Ziccarelli

Respect for Marriage Act

Carrie Sheffield and Matias Perttula

Faith Leader Toolkit: School Lunch Funding

Abortion In America

Fatherlessness In Arizona

Jack Brewer

Fatherlessness In Texas

Jack Brewer

Fatherlessness In The National Capital Region

Jack Brewer

Fatherlessness In Mississippi

Jack Brewer

Pastor Toolkit: Abortion and the Dobbs Decision

The Left’s Abortion Radicalism in Action: Attacks on Pregnancy Resource Centers Across America

Garrison Grisedale and Kristen Ziccarelli

The Promise of Opportunity Now

Jack Brewer

Opportunity Now Profile for Georgia

Jack Brewer

Abortion Myths v. Truths – The U.S. Supreme Court’s relook at Roe v. Wade

Anti-Family Policies in the Big Government Socialism Bill

Hogan Gidley, Director of the Center for Election Integrity, Issues Statement Regarding Dept. of Justice Threats to State Governments

An Answer That Raises Questions - The “Wuhan Lab Leak” Theory and Implications for Biodefense and Public Health

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Keith Kellogg, Jacob Olidort, Ph.D., and Heidi Overton, M.D.

Pulse of the People

America First Policy Institute Joins Amicus Brief against Veterans Affairs Abortion Policy


Speaker Series Livestream: The Fight for Life, an America First Analysis of Dobbs v. Jackson

The Leadership of the America First Policy Institute Provided the Following Reactions and Insight Into the State of America One Year Into the Biden Administration

BREAKING UPDATE: Federal Court Issues Stay Against Vaccine Mandate for Navy SEALs

Emergency Stay on Vaccine Mandate 🚨

Congratulations Gov. Elect Youngkin!

CHSI Post: The Biden Administration Expands the (Illegal) Central American Minors Program

John A. Zadrozny

Trump calls on Florida judge to help reinstate his YouTube account - New York Post

Will Feuer

We Should Celebrate How Far We Have Come From 1965

Ken Blackwell


Fighting for the Forgotten Woman

Linda McMahon, Brooke Rollins, Paula White-Cain, and Pam Bondi

Op-Ed: The Biden administration values unions over care for our veterans

James Sherk in The Washington Examiner


Unemployment benefits and inflation contribute to the growing worker shortage.

Cale Clingenpeel

Op-Ed: If you care about the First Amendment, this class action is for you

Pam Bondi in The Hill

VIDEO: Brooke Rollins joined Wake Up America on Newsmax to discuss the historic class action lawsuit against Big Tech

VIDEO: John Coale joined Laura Ingraham on Fox to discuss the historic class action lawsuit against Big Tech

Op-Ed: The Hill: What blue wave? A close look at Texas today tells of a different story

Brooke Rollins

Op-Ed: Newsmax: Many Have Forgotten, Juneteenth Celebrates Fight for Freedom

Jack Brewer


Op-Ed: Newsweek: Racism in the Name of Equity Isn’t the Answer

Jack Brewer

CHSI Post: The Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Demand Vigilance

John A. Zadrozny and Emily Tubb

Solving the Immigration Crisis Starts at Home

Chad Wolf

FACT SHEET: Fatherhood and Crime

Op-Ed: Applying Biblical Principles to Public Policy

Paula White-Cain

Op-Ed: Yes, Kids Need Celebs Like Ja Morant To Be Good Role Models, But Fathers Matter Much More

Jack Brewer

ISSUE BRIEF: Securing Fathers’ Rights and Enforcing Their Responsibilities Could Help Prevent Abortion

Matias Perttula

Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the Omnibus

Education As A Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time

Dr. Alveda King | ALEC Keynote Remarks as Prepared 7/28/22

Speaker Series Livestream: The Fight for Life, an America First Analysis of Dobbs v. Jackson

AFPI 2022 Annual Policy Summit

Jack Brewer joined Fox Business to discuss BLM’s $6 million mansion and the importance of fatherhood

Happy First Birthday AFPI!

Biden’s HHS Undermines Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Lauren Baldwin

The Promise of Opportunity Now

Jack Brewer

Opportunity Now Profile for Georgia

Jack Brewer

National Marriage Week

Lauren Baldwin

The Biden Administration has Given up on Black America and Our Dreams

Dr. Alveda King, Jack Brewer, and Ken Blackwell

Promising to nominate a Black woman would be illegal in any other setting

Brooke Rollins

Vaccine Update: Religious Exemption Database

Garrison Grisedale

KING: Black history is American history

Dr. Alveda King

BLACKWELL: Black History as American History

Ken Blackwell

Op-Ed: A call to renew the Black-Jewish bond

Kiron Skinner & Paul Packer

Op-Ed: Work, March, Pray for Our Post-Roe Generation

Dr. Alveda C. King

An Examination of the First Year of Biden’s Presidency

Op-Ed: Civil Rights: Prophets and Preachers vs. Politics, Riots

Dr. Alveda King

Pam Bondi joined Hannity on Fox News to discuss the surge of violent crime in America

Dr. Alveda King joined America Reports on Fox to celebrate the ministry of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Dr. Alveda King Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Op-Ed: Words my uncle, Martin Luther King Jr., would share in our troubled times

Dr. Alveda King

Op-Ed: Let Dr. King’s Holiday Ring for Freedom — Each Year, Every Day

Dr. Alveda King

Op-Ed: Christmas in America

Phil Bryant

Op-Ed: The hard truths of abortion and the sanctity of human life

Paula White-Cain

Pam Bondi joined Hannity on Fox News

On 400th anniversary of Thanksgiving, the Biden Administration attempts to destroy religious freedom

Bethany Kozma

Op-Ed: The importance of 1776 today more than ever

Brooke Rollins, Carol Swain and Phil Bryant

Critical race theory resegregation is undoing all of MLK’s gains

Alveda King

Op-Ed: Why local school board elections are so important

Supporting Working Parents, Not Providing Free Income, Is the Way to Help Families Get Ahead

Op-Ed: Biden’s Race to Undo Trump Environmental Reforms Violates Public Trust

Rick Perry and Jason Isaac in Real Clear Energy

Op-Ed: Setting the Record Straight on Wealth Inequality

Cale Clingenpeel & Tyler Goodspeed in National Review | Capital Matters

Blog: Report Shows Americans are Paying for the Southern Border Disaster in Display of Government Abuse

John A. Zadrozny and Emily Tubb

Blog: Trafficking and Oversight Issues with R-1 Visas

Emily Tubb

Op-Ed: New York Sun - Is Jimmy Carter Back, or What?

Larry Kudlow

Former Acting Secretary Wolf joins “Your World” on Fox

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