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September 17, 2021

Top Trump Officials Join Ranks to Defeat Biden’s Reconciliation Efforts

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) announced renowned economist Stephen Moore’s new role in leading the America First’s endeavor to educate Americans on the harmful policies included in the reconciliation bill before Congress. Along with AFPI, this coalition will include the Center of Renewing America, the Conservative Partnership Institute, FreedomWorks, and the Texas Public Policy Foundation. This coalition will lead a broad-ranging effort to expose the policies included in the reconciliation bill that threaten American families, American businesses, and American communities. 

“The next months will be critical in determining the success of the socialist, big-government attack on American values, American freedom, and American prosperity. In the midst of this attack, Americans must fight to protect our way of life and put America First. That’s exactly what we will do with this conservative coalition. Instead of lobbying for government handouts, we will work to secure opportunity, prosperity, and jobs for Americans,” stated Stephen Moore, AFPI’s Co-Chairman of the Save America Coalition.

“The reconciliation bill working through Congress seeks to fundamentally transform America into a cradle-to-grave woke welfare state. If passed, this legislation has the potential to destroy our country. That’s why we are not going to leave any stone unturned in our effort to expose the disastrous policies Congress is currently considering. We’re looking forward to working alongside such a strong group of allies who will fight tirelessly for the American people and anticipate many more joining as well,” stated Brooke L. Rollins, AFPI’s President & CEO.

“The Biden Administration’s $3.5 trillion package is a breathtaking attempt to remake America through a cradle-to-grave government with increased dependency that discourage work, a perversion of incentives leading families to hand their children over to the state to be educated, the furtherance of open border policies to encourage mass migration that shred the coherence of our communities, and the debasing of our financial system to ensure inflation and rob Americans of their savings. The hour in America is late, and this bill must be stopped,” stated Russ Vought, former White House Office of Management and Budget Director and president of Center for Renewing America.

“President Biden and congressional liberals’ $3.5 Trillion budget is nothing more than an attempt to ram through a socialist policy agenda that would destroy our economy and society. Whether it’s a massive amnesty giveaway to illegal immigrants, a crushing tax hike that will harm small businesses and the American middle class, or a spending spree that will cause already crippling inflation to soar, it is clear this budget is for the elites, not for the betterment of the American people. There should be a bipartisan rejection of this radical agenda, and conservatives will continue to educate the public on the details of their disastrous plan,” stated Ed Corrigan, President of CPI.

“The budget that Democrats are trying to pass through reconciliation is destined to crush the American middle class. This cradle-to-grave budget seeks to transform American society by forcing the heavy hand of government upon every aspect of Americans’ lives. Their plan to pay for their $3.5 trillion dollar budget through higher taxes on consumers, corporations and the wealthy will only serve to drive jobs overseas and disincentivize investment. With lower investment comes lower productivity, which will weaken the job market and reduce Americans’ standard of living. Middle class Americans are sure to see higher prices for the things they need, and fewer job prospects to boot. After all, the spending is real, but the revenues are not,” stated Adam Brandon, FreedomWork’s President.

“Rather than uniting Americans through bipartisan legislation, the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress instead are pursuing policies that use taxpayer dollars to fundamentally alter America as we know it, starting with our rights. Without a single Republican vote, Congressional Democrats will rapidly expand the American social welfare state, crushing working families under $3.5 trillion in more debt and some of the highest inflation rates seen in decades.

This coalition represents our best chance to fight back against these harmful policies and ensure that American families and businesses are not further impacted by runaway federal spending,” stated Kevin Roberts, CEO of Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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