Op-Ed | November 30, 2023

Kissinger’s Last Advice on China, Russia Worth Heeding

Henry Kissinger, one of the world’s most famous diplomats and national security theorists, died this week at age 100. Kissinger had a profound effect on U.S. national security, helping establish U.S. diplomatic relations with communist China, negotiating a cease-fire that ended the Vietnam War, developing the détente policy with the Soviet Union, and using "shuttle diplomacy" to lower tensions in the Mideast and negotiate peace agreements.

Policy | November 2, 2023

EXPERT INSIGHT: Ukraine End State

The Biden Administration’s incremental armament of Ukraine and failure to establish an end state has entrapped America in an endless war.

Policy | November 2, 2023

ISSUE BRIEF: Pushing For Ukraine’s NATO Membership Threatens to Derail an End to the War

America’s NATO allies are contemplating fast-tracking NATO membership for Ukraine “after the war” has ended. This war, however, will likely end in a stalemate in which Ukrainian territory is still occupied by Russian forces with a ceasefire in place rather than a decisive military victory by Ukraine.

Op-Ed | October 27, 2023

Sorry, President Biden, but Putin is not Hamas

During a primetime speech from the Oval Office last week, President Biden discussed the urgency that America stand with Israel after the barbarous Hamas terrorist attack on Oct. 7. But he also attempted to conflate the war in Ukraine with the Hamas attack, arguing that victory by Israel over Hamas and victory by Ukraine over Russia is "vital for American security." 

Op-Ed | August 9, 2023

Team Biden’s Weakness Sidelines U.S., Strengthens Putin on Ukraine

Although a 42-nation summit hosted by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) last weekend failed to make significant progress on ending the Ukraine War, Saudi Arabia’s and China’s peace efforts...

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