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California Has Sacrificed its Energy Stability on the Altar of Green Energy ideology

May 24, 2024

This article originally appeared in California Globe on May 24, 2024

"State leaders’ energy mandates mean higher electricity prices for Californians.

If you heard angry shouts of protest last month, it was likely your neighbors opening their electricity bills. These echoes of protest reverberated even more loudly in March when PG&E proudly proclaimed record-breaking profits for 2023. Its announcement struck a particularly sour chord among already struggling customers, given that the California Public Utility Commission gave the utility company the green light for a staggering 25% rate hike — a bitter pill to swallow, especially in the face of soaring energy prices and nationwide inflation. But while many may instinctively point accusatory fingers at this utility giant, the real architects of this painful reality are not the board members of PG&E but instead our leaders who walk the hallowed halls of Sacramento. These politicians cling stubbornly to their allegiance to costly and unreliable green energy mandates, turning a stubborn blind eye to proven and more affordable alternatives, such as nuclear energy and natural gas..."

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