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Messaging & Data Lab: The War on American Energy

August 22, 2023


Americans are suffering and the American energy industry is under attack because of the Biden Administration’s radical and failed energy policies.

To advance its radical climate agenda, this Administration is waging a regulatory war against the American energy industry. Fossil fuels are the most reliable and affordable source of energy in America today. They power almost every aspect of the country’s transportation system and generate the majority of our electricity. Rather than doubling down on policies with a proven track record, the Biden Administration is forcing a transition to unreliable and weather-dependent sources of energy through taxes and regulatory red tape. The result is soaring energy costs, a teetering electricity grid, and the loss of American energy independence at the hands of foreign dictators.


  Level the Regulatory Playing Field 
  |  Restore American Energy Independence


  • The American people are suffering because of the Biden Administration’s war on American energy.
  • A gallon of gas was ONLY $2.39 when the Biden Administration started. Today, that same gallon of gas is $3.88.
  • The Biden Administration’s energy policies made low gas prices spike to some of the highest in American history.
  • High fuel prices are one of the biggest contributors to the record-high inflation caused by the Biden Administration.
    • Everything you buy at the store is impacted by the cost of fuel.
    • High gas prices mean the ships, tractors, trains, and trucks are paying more for their fuel to get products to the stores, and THAT cost is passed on to the American people.
  • The Biden Administration’s war on American energy is not an accident—it is ON PURPOSE.
  • The Biden Administration killed the Keystone XL Pipeline that would’ve shuttled crude oil across the country.
  • The Biden Administration tried ban new oil and gas leasing on federal lands before a federal judge ruled that he did not have the authority.
  • The Biden Administration pushed companies to adopt Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues that stopped investment in fossil fuels.
  • The Biden Administration pushed more regulations that limit American access to produce natural gas, oil, and fuel.
  • The Biden Administration’s war on energy hurt Americans at home too.
  • Price of heating and cooling your home has skyrocketed.
  • Some Americans say they have to choose between paying their utility bills and buying groceries.
  • The Biden Administration’s proposed restrictions on power plants will push electricity prices even higher.
  • The Administration’s Electric Vehicle (EVs) mandates will restrict what kinds of cars Americans can buy.
  • Radical environmentalists block American mining needed for electric battery production, and that makes us dependent on China.
  • The United States is blessed with bountiful energy resources that can power American prosperity at home and support our allies abroad. We can reverse the damage done by this Administration’s radical energy agenda:
  • We can lower consumer costs by re-opening federal lands and waters for energy development.
  • We have to reverse the activist climate agenda takeover of the federal government to level the regulatory playing field for all sources of energy to compete.
  • We can end America’s energy- and mineral-reliance on foreign adversaries by unleashing domestic production.
  • We have to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and ban its future politicization.
  • We can streamline energy export permitting and advance U.S. energy market access abroad.


  • Radical climate activists say we need aggressive climate action now.
    But for decades, bureaucrats, scientists and elites have predicted doom and destruction would occur on certain dates, only to have the dates come and go. Their predictions for the environment have always been wrong. Environmental issues are like the pandemic, and unelected bureaucrats should not have a free reign under the guise of an emergency. We need policies that balance health, well-being, the economy, and the environment.
  • Vladimir Putin caused this crisis when he invaded Ukraine.
    The price of gas increased by MORE THAN $1.15 per gallon BEFORE to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But even if you want to believe the lie that this is Putin’s fault, then wouldn’t that be the NUMBER ONE REASON for America to be energy independent—so we don’t have to rely on dictators and despots for our energy.
  • The Paris Climate Accords did not make the world’s energy cleaner or more efficient.
    When the Trump Administration pulled out of it, America saw a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by almost 4% over the following years, while China INCREASED its emissions by almost 15% while staying in the agreement.




MYTH:  This is all Valdimir Putin’s fault.

FACT: The price of gas increased by MORE THAN $1.15 per gallon BEFORE the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But even if you want to believe the lie that this is Putin’s fault, then wouldn’t that be the NUMBER ONE REASON for America to be energy independent—so we don’t have to rely on dictators and despots for our energy.

MYTH: Climate change is THE existential threat.

FACT: Even though the Paris Climate Accords’ most ambitious goal seeks to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the UN’s top climate scientist recently admitted that “The world won't end if it warms by more than 1.5 degrees.”

MYTH: America’s CO2 emissions are increasing.

FACT: American CO2 emissions have declined by almost 20% since their peak in 2007. Replacing coal with natural gas in America’s energy mix has substantially reduced the country’s emissions.

MYTH: China is cutting its emissions faster than the U.S.

FACT: Since 2007, China’s CO2 emissions have increased by almost 65% and will not peak until 2030. China produces more emissions than all of the developed world combined.

MYTH: The U.S. produces more than its fair share of global emissions.

FACT: While the U.S. economy makes up 25% of global GDP, the United States’ CO2 emissions constitute just 13.5% of global emissions.

MYTH: Wind and solar energy can power our country.

FACT: This isn't even close to true.  The wind doesn't always blow, and the sun doesn't always shine. Only 10.2% of our energy comes from wind and only 3.4% comes from solar.

MYTH: The Biden Administration’s push to encourage more use of electric vehicles will make us less dependent on fossil fuels.

FACT: Where do you think the electricity to charge those EV’s comes from? Almost 60% of America’s electricity is produced by power plants fueled by natural gas and coal. Media bias is real.


Quick Stats

  • After peaking at 13 million barrels each day in November 2019, America’s oil production is still only 12.66 million barrels each day.
  • In 2022, China permitted the construction of the equivalent of two large coal-fired power plants each week.
  • Diesel 18-wheeler trucks take 15 minutes to fill up at a gas station and can then travel for 1,200 miles. Electric 18-wheeler trucks take 6-10 hours to charge and can travel only 250 miles before needing to be recharged.
  • Climate Czar John Kerry admitted that the so-called Inflation Reduction Act does not “reduce inflation,” and the White House even points to the Act as the single biggest “climate investment in history.”
  • The Act will cost American taxpayers $1.2 trillion over 10 years.



A Biden Administration proposal would dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Existing fossil fuel plants would be forced to either shut down or dramatically increase electricity bills to comply. Should the federal government go ahead with the new rules, or should they take a more gradual approach?

  • 25% Go ahead with the new rules
  • 62% Take a more gradual approach
  • 13% Not sure

Which is more important, reducing greenhouse gas emissions or reducing the cost of power for American families?

  • 37% Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • 54% Reducing the cost of power
  • 10% Not sure

In order to move to renewable sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, how much more would you personally be willing to pay for electricity each month?

  • 33% Nothing
  • 29% Less than $25
  • 21% $25-$50
  • 14% $50-$100
  • 3% More than $100

How would you rate the U.S. economy these days?

  • 5% Excellent
  • 20% Good
  • 34% Fair
  • 40% Poor
  • 2% Not Sure

Is the U.S. economy getting better or worse?

  • 4% Much better
  • 19% Somewhat better
  • 19% About the same
  • 33% Somewhat worse
  • 23% Much worse
  • 2% Not sure

How important to you is producing natural gas and oil from here in the U.S.?

  • 61% Very important
  • 27% Somewhat important
  • 5% Not very important
  • 2% Not important at all
  • 5% Do not know/No opinion

How important of a role do you think producing natural gas and oil in America has in strengthening the U.S. economy?

  • 61% Very important
  • 29%, Somewhat important
  • 4% Not very important
  • 1% Not important at all
  • 5% Do not know/No opinion

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Producing natural gas and oil here in the U.S. could help lower energy costs for American consumers and small businesses.

  • 57% Strongly agree
  • 31% Somewhat agree
  • 3% Somewhat disagree
  • 2% Strongly disagree
  • 7% Do not know/No opinion

Sources: Scott Rasmussen National Survey of 1,000 Registered Voters Conducted in March and May 2023
Media Research Center. Morning Consult National Survey of 2,003 Registered Voters Conducted in June of 2023



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