Save America (and American Energy), Kill the Bill

October 29, 2021

The latest edition of the disastrous big-government socialism bill still contains numerous provisions that will undermine the American energy industry — contributing to rising energy costs worldwide, weakening our national security, and making us dependent once again on unstable foreign countries with poor environmental standards.

Make no mistake, this bill is about forcing big-government socialism on the American people using climate change as a cover.

A summary of anti-energy reconciliation policies — totaling over $500 billion — that Congress must oppose:

  • Lavish tax credits for unreliable renewable energy that will cost taxpayers $320 billion, increase utility rates, and lead to more blackouts. The bill does not include any reliability measures to compensate for the intermittence of wind and solar, which cannot provide a constant flow of electricity like fossil fuels and nuclear.
  • A tax-funded activist “Civilian Climate Corps” will receive billions in funding to hire climate activists “regardless of immigration status.” This entity will serve as a slush fund for progressive groups, with unelected bureaucrats empowered to send taxpayer dollars to political organizations and prioritize racially oriented decision-making.
  • A "heat your home tax" that will raise home heating bills by over $200 a year and penalize responsible American energy producers. Shifting energy production and jobs overseas will harm the environment and American families. With heating costs already projected to increase by 30% to 50% this winter, this is an additional burden Americans don't deserve to bear.

With a third of American families struggling to pay their home energy bills, you’d think a bill branded “Build Back Better” would help alleviate the burden of energy poverty — but you’d be wrong. This bill will only make the American people’s struggles worse, weaken our electric grid, and destroy our energy independence.

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