Statement on Reconciliation Bill

August 10, 2022

By Pastor Paula White

Washington, D.C. – Today, the America First Policy Institute (AFPI) released the following statement on the 'Inflation Reduction Act of 2022' from Pastor Paula White, Chair of the Center for American Values at AFPI:

“This weekend, the Senate passed another Big Government Socialism Bill, or the misnamed ‘Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.’

 In reality, this bill will do nothing to reduce the surging inflation all Americans are feeling today. Instead, the bill expands Obamacare’s taxpayer funding for abortion and provides an additional $80 billion to the IRS, an agency that has targeted pro-life organizations and faith-based institutions in the past. 

 The Biden Administration and Congress should stop weaponizing the federal government against the pro-life movement at the expense of taxpayers and embrace the America First approach instead: value the sanctity of life at every stage, shrink the size and scope of the federal bureaucracy so that Americans can better enjoy their liberties, and act as a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars.”