STATEMENT on Security of Supreme Court Justices

June 09, 2022

Statement by Matt Whitaker, Co-Chair of the Center for Law and Justice at the America First Policy Institute, and former Acting Attorney General of the United States, and Pam Bondi, Co-Chair of the Center for Law and Justice, and Former Attorney General of the State of Florida:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Throughout his career, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has been an advocate for truth and justice. We applaud law enforcement officials in Montgomery County, Maryland for their swift intervention to protect him and his family. The lives of our Nation’s Supreme Court Justices were put in jeopardy when Senator Chuck Schumer stood outside of the Supreme Court and ominously warned conservative justices would ‘pay the price’ if they failed to rule as liberals demanded. It is an outrage that amid the threat they helped stoke, ‘Defund the Police’ advocates in the House continue to block legislation, unanimously passed the Senate, to protect those same Justices. No matter who they are, every American deserves to feel safe in their homes and communities, and every American of good will demands that our Supreme Court Justices be permitted to do their job without fear or favor.”