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An Examination of the First Year of Biden’s Presidency

January 20, 2022

Today marks 1 year since President Biden’s inauguration. Unfortunately for the American people, his presidency is shaping up to be a historical disaster. Over the last 12 months, the policies put forth have made Americans less secure. Below are some of the most egregious examples of what the Biden Administration has done to weaken America’s standing and set-back American families.

In the first year in office, the Biden Administration has weakened America’s standing in the world.  

Historic Border Crisis. The Biden Administration’s failed border security policies have resulted in the worst self-inflicted crisis on our Nation’s southern border ever. More illegal aliens, including vulnerable populations such as children, are being smuggled and trafficked in numbers we have never seen before, and more narcotics continue to flow into our Nation’s streets.

National Security Crisis. The Biden Administration’s failures on the world stage have imperiled Americans’ security, diminished America’s credibility and standing, and destabilized the world in unprecedented ways. President Biden’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan was both predictable and preventable had he and his team adhered to the plan in place during the Trump Administration. The Biden team made poor tactical and strategic decisions during the Afghanistan withdrawal that contributed directly to the deaths of 13 American service members, with many Americans still left behind in the country.

Refusal to Stand Strong Against China. President Biden has failed to stand up to America’s top nation-state threat, China—squandering a virtual summit to produce no agenda items—and has taken no action to hold it accountable for its management or communications of COVID-19, humanitarian abuses, and economic theft. Today, China has flown countless sorties over Taiwan as it prepares to host the Olympics in Beijing, where it will surely use the platform to lecture the U.S. further.

The Biden Administration took a steadily rebounding economy and has left American workers in the dust

Recovery Act Disaster. Unfortunately, instead of adopting the proven policy blueprint for economic success inherited from the Trump Administration and the foundations for a V-shaped recovery, the Biden Administration’s attempt to “reimagine the economy” is crippling the recovery and hurting American families, workers, and businesses. In 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act “stimulus” flooded the economy with cash and disincentivized work. Growth is down, and inflation is at a 39-year high. Although the unemployment rate is back below 4 percent, the labor force participation rate has flatlined, and long-term unemployment remains significantly elevated above pre-pandemic levels.

Highest Inflation in 40 Years. Annual inflation was a staggering 7 percent in 2021—adding a stealth tax that has cost the average American $855 over the last year, hurting the most vulnerable Americans the hardest, including seniors on fixed incomes. This is the highest rate since 1982 and, relative to the low 1.2 percent inflation in 2020, the worst annual deterioration since the Korean War years of 1950-51. For reference, from 2017-20, our economy enjoyed an average of 1.9 percent inflation.

Attacking the American Worker. The Biden Administration has also turned its back on American workers. The Biden Administration embraced policies to disincentivize workers by enhancing unemployment benefits that paid people more NOT to work. It also stripped the Child Tax Credit of work requirements, which could drive 1.5 million workers out of the labor force.

A Return to Energy Dependence. The Biden Administration’s energy policies put America last by taking the United States from energy dominance to dependence. Since his first day in office, President Biden has shown great hostility for America’s conventional energy sources. This includes, but is not limited to, his actions to kill the Keystone XL pipeline and halt federal oil and gas leasing. While at the same time, the Biden Administration removed sanctions, despite objections from Congress, on Nord Stream 2 as the project marches to completion. This project will strengthen Russia’s energy dominance while simultaneously undermining energy security in Europe.

Soaring Energy Prices. Americans are also suffering the consequences of the Biden Administration’s attack on American energy. Gas prices recently reached a 7-year high, and families face a 30 to 50 percent increase in the cost of heating their homes. Critically, these high prices are hurting the most vulnerable Americans and small businesses.

The Biden Administration has weakened Americans’ freedom and liberty

Strengthening Federal Bureaucracy. Biden has empowered the federal bureaucracy over the American people. His administration has done this by:

  • Strengthening federal employee removal protections. 
  • Repealing requirements that administrative agencies provide Americans with due process protections.
  • Relocating agency headquarters back to Washington, D.C.

Silencing Voices. In his first year in office, President Biden has promoted censorship.

  • The White House directed social media companies to take down posts the administration considered objectionable.
  • Rescinded the Trump Executive Order protecting free speech online.
  • Nominated for FCC commissioner, an activist who has openly called for the government to suspend conservative TV stations’ broadcast licenses.

Promoting Racial Discrimination. The Biden Administration has promoted racial discrimination and has weakened race relations. Since his first days in office, President Biden has:

  • Rescinded President Trump’s executive order prohibiting federal agencies from promoting racial stereotypes and scapegoating.
  • Signed an executive order creating a whole-of-government initiative to racially discriminate to advance “equity” and abandon the truly American principle of equal opportunity.
  • Signed legislation discriminating against small business owners based on their race when allocating COVID aid.

Attacked Involved Parents. The Biden Administration has sought to classify parents as domestic terrorists and students based on the color of their skin.

  • Biden’s Education Secretary solicited a National School Board Association letter comparing concerned parents to domestic terrorists.
  • The Biden Department of Justice instructed the FBI to classify parents concerned about Critical Race Theory as “domestic terrorists.” 
  • The Biden Department of Education proposed two rules related to civics education to advance Critical Race Theory in the classroom. 
  • As one of his first actions as President, Biden disbanded President Trump’s 1776 Commission focused on restoring patriotic education.  

Pushed a Pro-Abortion Agenda.  The Biden Administration has empowered the far-Left abortion lobby by:

  • Allowing federal funding for abortions,
  • Removing the Hyde Amendment restrictions on government funding for abortions, and
  • Funding abortion abroad. 

Increased Federal Government in Your Healthcare Decisions. Just 1 year into his term, President Biden has made a systematic effort to expand the role of government in healthcare resulting in fewer choices for Americans. He rescinded Trump-era executive orders that provided more flexibility for states and more options for Americans. Legislative proposals have been supported with party-line votes only. The Big Government Socialism Bill sought to expand Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare despite the inability of these federal programs to deliver on the goals for current enrollees.

Pushed Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates. Vaccine mandates have destroyed the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship and been proven unconstitutional. The current path of the Biden Administration is to give bureaucrats more control and take healthcare further out of the hands of doctors and patients. Instead, Americans should be given full agency in decisions that affect their health and well-being. 

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