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Davids And Goliaths: The Case Studies Of Israel, Taiwan, And Ukraine

This article originally appeared in 19fortyfive on August 1, 2023

In 2023, the United States approaches transition points in its relationships with three nations that share the following qualities: Each is in a theater with a major U.S. adversary (a “Goliath”). Each is not part of any formal alliance structure. And each is a small nation (a “David”) to which the United States makes consistent annual defense contributions.

The similarities among Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine end there. It is their differences that might illuminate how the United States can optimize its defense assistance in an increasingly interconnected world—where events in one theater can make a difference in another.

Israel is perhaps a “model” David. Before becoming a recipient of consistent U.S. assistance, it miraculously succeeded in fighting for its survival against all neighboring states since its founding in 1948. The turning point was 1967, when over the course of six days Israel defeated the militaries of Syria, Jordan, and Egypt...

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