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The twin American victories in the Second World War and the Cold War established our country as “the last, best hope for man on Earth.” Freedom’s cause in every part of the globe depends upon a strong America. With our country secure, we can, with greater confidence, advance American security abroad. American security is exemplified by a strong military, fair trade deals, alliances that are equitable, aggressors who are isolated, and those who harm us, destroyed. The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) examines American security abroad as a prerequisite for peace at home: always putting American interests first. This includes removing ourselves from endless, unnecessary wars in order to rebuild the homeland, while also understanding our indispensable role in maintaining a world at peace.

The America First Policy Institute’s Center for American Security champions Americans rather than a theoretical “America” imagined by the Washington national security establishment. The exercise of American power requires clear justification, and an America First approach ensures that American power is used in the interest of Americans. To advance that goal, the Center looks to ensure that there will be rigorous advancement of policies which will serve as an authentically American alternative to Washington’s increasingly obsolescent foreign and defense policy orthodoxy.

The phrase America First refers to an approach rooted in an awareness of America’s unique role in the world, and its unmatched ability to do best for others when its people are strong, safe, and prosperous. It means that any commitments of American lives or dollars abroad must come with concrete benefits to the American people. Every investment of American resources needs to reap a substantial security benefit.



Research Report | April 11, 2024

America First, Russia, & Ukraine

Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine was an avoidable crisis that, due to the Biden Administration’s incompetent policies and rejection of the America First approach to national security, has entangled America in an endless war.

Op-Ed | April 5, 2024

The Gaza War at Six Months: Israel Increasingly Isolated But Resilient

In the aftermath of the horrific October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks, the world united behind Israel. President Joe Biden pledged America’s rock-solid support, sent two aircraft carriers to the eastern Mediterranean, and visited Israel to express America’s support for the Israeli people. There was remarkable political unity in Israel as an Israeli war cabinet was formed on October 11, 2023, and divisive domestic political issues, such as reforming Israel’s Supreme Court, were set aside.

Op-Ed | March 29, 2024

Remembering a Great Senator Who Put His Nation Ahead of Politics

I was greatly saddened this week when I heard the news that former Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman had passed away due to complications from a fall. Although I disagreed with him on some domestic political issues, there was no daylight between us on national security. Senator Lieberman was a patriotic American and a good family man. He was also a man of principle who always put protecting the security of the United States and standing firmly with the State of Israel ahead of partisan politics. Senator Lieberman also worked closely with many Republican senators, especially the late John McCain and Lindsey Graham, on national security matters.

Litigation | March 19, 2024

AFPI Amicus Brief: “Seal Team Six” Question is ludicrous and moot!

Today, the America First Policy Institute (AFPI), in partnership with co-counsel Schaerr Jaffe LLP, filed an Amicus Brief with the United States Supreme Court in support of former President Donald Trump’s presidential immunity case. AFPI is filing the brief on behalf of three former high-ranking military leaders, whose service spans more than a half-century, under 10 Presidents of both political parties with diverging policy agendas.

News | March 15, 2024

AFPI Condemns Senator Chuck Schumer’s Criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

On Thursday, in comments on the Senate floor, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of being an obstacle to peace and calling for new elections.

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