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Never Forget What The Left Is Capable Of

This article originally appeared in Daily Caller on August 3, 2023

On Tuesday, June 25, 2013, an extraordinary scene unfolded in the Texas state Senate. Having lost — electorally, and legislatively — on their extremist pro-abortion stance, the Texas Democrats were making a last-ditch effort to stall popular pro-life legislation.

Their putative means was a filibuster by then-state Sen. Wendy Davis, but their real weapon was one that was to become drearily familiar over the coming decade in American civics. The left was not content to trust the process and elections. It also brought a mob.

That mob ended up succeeding, however fleetingly, where faltering persuasion and debate did not. Those of us who were present in Texas public life then will never forget it: a constitutional (and constitutionally elected) legislative body, literally howled down by an angry crowd. The legislation failed because the Texas Senate ceased to function under its attack. The left couldn’t win elections in Texas, to be sure: but it could howl, shriek, intimidate and disrupt in the pursuit of its minoritarian will. So much for democratic self-rule...

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