Part-Time Enrollment Act

December 02, 2022


  • The Part-Time Enrollment Act increases new learning opportunities for students, establishes new flexibilities for families, and supports public schools to serve students in new and different ways.

Section 1. {Title}

  1. This act shall be known and may be cited as the “Part-Time Enrollment Act” (the “Act”).

Section 2. {Legislative Purpose}

  1. The purpose of this Act is to:
    1. Increase learning opportunities for students;
    2. Establish new flexibilities for families; and
    3. Support public schools to serve students in new and different ways.

Section 3. {Definitions}

  1. “Regular school attendance” means a student who is enrolled in one or more of the following:
      1. A public school;
      2. A private school;
      3. A home education program; or
      4. A private tutoring program.
  2. “Part-time” means not less than one (1) course and not more than three (3) courses per academic year, or not less than twenty-five (25) percent and not more than fifty (50) percent of the number of instructional hours required per academic year for full enrollment by state law.
  3. “Public funding amount” means the sum of per-pupil funding a public school would receive for serving a student.

Section 4. {Part-Time Enrollment Act}

  1. Public schools may enroll any student who meets the regular school attendance criteria as defined in this Act part-time.
  2. Part-time public-school students may participate in one or more courses that are either provided in public school facilities or elsewhere as the public school considers appropriate.
  3. Public schools that enroll part-time students may contract with public or private entities to provide educational services to part-time enrolled students.
  4. For the purposes of funding, students who are enrolled part-time in a public school shall be included in the number of students reported to the state education agency. Each student who is enrolled part-time in a public school shall be funded proportionally to their enrollment in the public school.