Statement On President Biden’s Announcement of $1.2 Billion in Additional U.S. Assistance to Ukraine

June 17, 2022

“President Biden’s June 15 announcement of providing an additional $1.2 billion in aid to Ukraine is irresponsible. The United States should not contribute more assistance to Ukraine until NATO members contribute more, and until there is accountability firmly in place and it is clear that the alliance is fully supporting Ukrainian goals and requirements to bring Russia to negotiations to end its aggression in Ukraine. Just one month ago Congress approved a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine with little oversight over how these funds will be spent. U.S. aid to Ukraine since March currently stands at $54 billion, and exponentially dwarfs that given by all of our European partners combined. We stand with Ukraine and support giving it the kind of aid it needs to win, and we are committed to strengthening and modernizing our alliances by pushing their members to shoulder their share of the burden. Yet without naming an inspector general to provide oversight and accountability for all U.S. military and financial aid to Ukraine, this newest call for additional aid is a nonstarter and is not in the best interest of the American people.”

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Keith Kellogg
Co-Chair, Center for American Security
America First Policy Institute

The Honorable Fred Fleitz
Vice Chair, Center for American Security
America First Policy Institute