Statement on New Call for Ranked Choice Voting in Georgia

December 15, 2022

This week, the Georgia Secretary of State signaled his intentions to encourage the state legislature and the Governor to adopt Ranked Choice Voting. Hogan Gidley, Vice-Chair of the Center for Election Integrity, issued the following statement:

“Georgia just went through a very expensive and difficult process to successfully strengthen its election laws and it saw record turnout, so this new push for changing the entire state election process is inexplicable and irresponsible. Ranked Choice Voting is an overly complicated, confusing system that often prevents the candidate who gets the most votes from actually being declared the winner. Studies show Ranked Choice Voting discourages voter participation, adds wait time for results, increases negative ads, puts a greater strain on election workers, and increases voter distrust. The America First Policy Institute’s Center for Election Integrity strongly condemns this misguided effort to weaken election integrity.”