Wasteful Spending, Carve-outs for Special Interests, Tax-Breaks to the Wealthy

November 19, 2021

In response to the House of Representatives voting today to clear President Joe Biden and liberal leadership in Congress’ version of the five trillion-dollar budget reconciliation bill, Steve Moore, economist and Chairman of the Save America Coalition, and Brooke Rollins, President and CEO of the America First Policy Institute and co-chair of the Save America Coalition, made the following statements.  

“I am dismayed that so many in the House of Representatives voted for a bill that spends nearly five trillion in taxpayer dollars,” said Moore. “Passing a Big Government Socialism Bill that has so many carve-outs for special interests and gives billions in tax breaks to trial lawyers and the wealthiest one percent of Americans is the height of irresponsibility. The bill tops 2,000 pages and is full of wasteful government spending, less freedom, and ideas that further fuel inflation, including on prescription drug costs. This bill will find little support in the United States Senate.”  

“The only thing bipartisan about this Big Government Socialism Bill is the opposition to it,” said Rollins. “I hope Senators Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, and others in the United States Senate keep pushing back against far-left liberals in their Party that want to permanently reshape the United States into a welfare state. If they do, this Big Government Socialism Bill will finally die. Trillions more in reckless government spending and tax hikes on the middle class does nothing to address rising inflation, and that’s on top of what families across America are already feeling every time they fill up at the pump or buy groceries. This bill does not put Americans first.”  

The so-called “Build Back Better” plan spends nearly five trillion dollars and features pay-outs to illegal immigrants, outsources jobs to China, tax hikes on the middle-class, and gives billions in tax breaks to trial lawyers, the wealthiest one percent of Americans, media companies, and unions.  

The Save America Coalition includes the America First Policy Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, Americans for Prosperity, the Center for Renewing America, the Conservative Partnership Institute, FreedomWorks, Heritage Action for America, and the Texas Public Policy Foundation, among others. This coalition will continue to lead a broad-ranging effort to expose the Big Government Socialism Bill policies that threaten American families, American businesses, and American communities.