September 16, 2021

Chad Wolf, AFPI’s Chairman of the Center for Homeland Security and Immigration, offered the following statement: 

“For the second straight month illegal border apprehensions have exceeded 200,000 - a 20-year high.  Instead of treating this as the crisis that it is, the Biden Administration is content with this illegal activity.  As we approach the end of the fiscal year, our nation is on track to receive more than 2 million new illegal aliens. Instead of securing the border and implementing proven policies, the Biden Administration continues to embolden Mexican cartels and known traffickers. This intentional, failed border strategy has produced a humanitarian and national security crisis unlike we have ever seen. The number of minors and families illegally entering the country continue to grow and we are seeing more and more individuals from other parts of the world seek to take advantage of an insecure and open border. This alarming figure comes as proposals from allies of the Administration seek to reward many of who previously crossed illegally into the country. The $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation facilitates one of the most radical amnesties our country has ever seen, granting a pathway to citizenship for nearly every alien in our country and will only encourage hundreds of thousands more to come. For the sanctity of our national sovereignty, this must end.”