The Border Crisis: Is the Law Being Faithfully Executed?

June 06, 2023

Wednesday, June 7, 2023, Chad Wolf, former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security and Chair of the Center of Homeland Security and Immigration at AFPI, provided expert testimony to Congress on the humanitarian and security crisis unfolding at our southern border.  
Former Acting Secretary Wolf was called to testify because he knows what it takes to secure the border. During his testimony, Wolf explained that "... the conversation that I continue to hear is that we need more resources and that we need Congress to fix this crisis, and that is just not correct. This Administration has all the authority and all the power that it needs to secure the border today, and I know that because we did it during the Trump Administration."

You can watch his opening remarks above and read his written testimony HERE.

Here are some of the key moments from Chad Wolf’s testimony:

The Left tried to silence Chad Wolf when he began discussing the inhumanity of the Biden Administration's border strategy.

During yesterday's testimony, Chad Wolf was interrupted by subcommittee members when he tried to explain how the Biden Administration's policies produce unprecedented levels of human trafficking, especially for unaccompanied minors. 

Watch Chad Wolf explain what the radical Left desperately doesn't want you to hear. 

"It's not what is best for illegal aliens; it's what is best for Americans."

The previous administration enforced laws that secured our border and protected American interests. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration has torn down these policies, ignored our laws, and has prioritized illegal aliens' interests over those of American citizens. 

Watch Chad Wolf compare the Biden Administration's border policies to those enforced under the previous administration.

"It's a little smoke and mirrors of what [the Biden Administration] is trying to do at the southern border."

The Biden Administration claims that the illegal aliens flooding across our southern border are seeking asylum. Yet, the Biden Administration is unlawfully using a parole scheme, which never requires migrants to prove their asylum status, to allow tens of thousands of illegal aliens into American communities.

Watch Chad Wolf break down this deceptive tactic. 

Until we reverse course and return to an America First Agenda, our communities will be under siege from millions of illegal aliens, face potential threats to our homeland, and will continue to suffer from the thousands of lethal doses of illicit fentanyl pouring over the border.